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About this Policy


At Fido & Pumpkin we believe that education can, and should, be enhanced by technology within a safe environment.  For that reason, we have developed a privacy policy to ensure for the protection and safety of all children using our applications.


Fido & Pumpkin apps have been created to support the Mathematics Curriculum in both Australia:

AC Guidelines for Kindergarten/ Prep: ACMMG010 Describe position and movement,

and the UK:Mathematical Geometry – Position and Direction KS1 and KS2:

Pupils should be taught to: describe position. They are also suitable for educational purposes within other English speaking countries and for new English learners.

These apps were developed Julie Easthope – an experienced mother, grandmother, Primary School Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, Deputy Head and classroom teacher, and Jemina Da Silva Macedo –  a mother of two young children who also holds a BA in Communications and is a talented graphic designer.  Both Julie and Jemina understand the importance of safeguarding young children as they use online technologies to enrich their learning.


Collection and Use of Personal Data

We collect or access:

  • anonymous or usage data, collected on behalf of Apple, via iTunes Connect – solely for the purpose of improving our apps,
  • written communication that a user’s parent or guardian provides to us in the form of: seeking advice or technical support, and
  • information provided to us in order communicate our promotions, improvements or new releases.


We don’t collect:  

  • any personal information about our users via our apps.


We don’t share:

  • personal details such as names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses that have been communicated to us via the website.


We don’t access:

  • input: such as personal names and voice recordings (Fido and Pumpkin Position Pictures),or
  • location data.


We don’t transmit:

  • links to chat rooms or social media,
  • locations,
  • third party advertising, or
  • in house marketing campaigns.


Rest assured that your child’s learning will be uninterrupted by outside interference!

Please contact us at info@fidoandpumpkin.com concerning any questions or concerns you may have.

Policy date 11th November 2016


Julie & Jem